Sunday, February 07, 2016

7 on the 7th: kitchen tool favorites

This month's favorites come from my favorite place in our home: the kitchen!

 Here are a few of my kitchen must-haves that I put to use everyday.

1. garlic press: Fresh garlic is a game changer in recipes. I used to attempt slicing or mincing garlic with a knife. Now I use this handy little tool for super fine, crushed garlic.

2. mini food processor: I wish I was a super quick hand chopper. I'm not. Also, have a husband who prefers for any tomato product to be pulverized to a puree, so the chopper is my go-to for turning crushed or diced tomatoes into smooth tomatoes.

3. silicone mitt (& festive ones!): I won the silicone mitts in a dirty santa game this year. I love that they are multipurpose. I use them for removing hot items from the oven and also to open difficult jars! Also, seasonal kitchen linens are my love language.

4. microplane: My friend shared this tool with me and it is definitely a favorite. It is perfect for zesting citrus, grating garlic, grating parmesan, or fresh ginger.

5. ramekins: Small bowls may be my love language too. I love using them for serving Charlotte's food, my snacks (hello portion control), or for meal prep to hold ingredients.

6. salt and pepper grinders: There is nothing better than freshly ground pepper or salt. I used to buy the cheap filled plastic ones from aldi or kroger but then decided to buy refillable grinders at Walmart. I love them!

7. spoon rest: I use this little piggy my grandmother gave me as a spoon rest. I love having it out on my counter for decoration and functionality.

What are your most used, go-to kitchen gadgets?

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