Monday, March 23, 2015

taste & see

I went outside earlier to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine and encourage some Vitamin D synthesis. What a lovely day it is! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, our windows are open, and I can hear my neighbor's wind chime when the breeze picks up on occasion.

I saw a neighbor as she was outside working in her yard. We met in the middle and introduced ourselves. She told me about her love for gardening and shared with me about some of the flowers starting to come up in our yard. I told her about Little Miss coming any day now, as if it weren't obvious, which meant we probably wouldn't be putting out a garden this year. She mentioned she planned to plant some tomatoes and I agreed that nothing is better than a fresh, homegrown tomato. She then went inside and came back with a few she picked up on a recent trip to the beach! We talked a bit more, went our back to our own yards, and eventually inside our homes.

Once inside I couldn't wait to slice up one of the tomatoes for a snack. Paired with a ripe avocado and sprinkled with salt and pepper, it was a delicious treat. There's something about sharing food with people that really means a lot to me. This weekend we had the opportunity to grill out with some of Dustin's family and also spend time around the table with a few from our Sunday school class. I realize fellowship doesn't always involve food, but isn't it great when it does?

Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones or maybe it's just me being sentimental (or a combination of both) but I just wanted to share and savor this memory. In {Psalm 34:8} the psalmist writes:

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. 

Today I tasted His goodness in a fresh, ripe tomato shared by a sweet neighbor. I can see His goodness in the beautiful weather we are experiencing and in the generosity of another. What a blessing these moments are! How often I let these gifts of His goodness pass by without thanking Him. There will be days when the sun isn't shining. When staying inside is the only option. When a special snack may not make the cut on the agenda. Even then I hope I slow down and acknowledge that He is still good. For now, I will give thanks for today, taking time to taste and see His goodness. 

Saturday, March 07, 2015

7 on the 7th: pregnancy favorites part 2

Happy March! It's Baby C's birth month! My mom surprised me with this adorable Happy Everything attachment. I considered saving it for Mother's Day, but just couldn't wait! I cannot believe that she could arrive at any point. We are considered to be full term now (+37 weeks) but I'm hoping she keeps cooking as long as she needs. For March, I wanted to share some more pregnancy favorites. In November when I was 20 weeks, I shared my favorites to that point in this post. Here are some more to add to the list:

1. Prenatal Massages
Dustin has treated me to a couple prenatal massages, once in my second trimester and once in my third, and I cannot say enough good things about them!  Even though I have been pretty comfortable (thankfully) it's amazing how much tension can be relieved. If you want to treat yourself or a mommy-to-be that you know, give them a gift certificate for a prenatal massage!

2. Chiropractic Care
Along with massages, I fully recommend considering chiropractic care during pregnancy. I started going to a chiropractor a little after 20 weeks. Each week she would adjust my hips, back, and ribs. When you have a growing baby pressing against your ribs/lungs, breathing takes a bit more effort. I could instantly tell a difference in the ability to breathe after my adjustments!

3. Pregnancy Pillows
Dustin's parents gave me a pregnancy pillow for Christmas after my friend Kirby's recommendation. There are many different brands/styles/etc. I loved having a long pillow to support my back/belly as well as in-between my knees. You reach a point during pregnancy where not only is it uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach/back, it's not safe. Having a long pillow really helps me stay on my sides comfortably.

4. Eggs
Of course I am going to address food again. I mentioned in part 1 of my pregnancy favorites about my love for Bubbies Pickles, which provide probiotics along with their delicious flavor. I have also loved eggs almost every morning for breakfast. They provide quality protein, healthy fats, and great fat-soluble vitamins which are so important during pregnancy. They also make a great snack or addition to a salad!

5. Labor & Delivery Scripture
I came across Val Marie Paper through Instagram. She has beautiful Prayer Journals & her posts are always so encouraging. She recently released Pregnancy Journals which I am sure are lovely, too! In one of her posts, she mentioned a free printable she made of verses to meditate on during labor/delivery. I have loved reading through her list of scripture already! You can find the link to her printable on her blog.

6. Meal Planning
These last few weeks of moving, unpacking (still occurring), and preparing for Baby C have been a whirlwind. I can only imagine how different things will be once she is here with us! I have tried to be more intentional with my meal planning each week so that I not only am sticking to a plan/budget, but also prepared with simple, quick recipes. I hope to share more of my meal planning process in the future.

7. Comfortable Pajamas
Since I plan on breastfeeding, finding comfortable, nursing-friendly pajamas is a must. My aunt gave me a couple sleeping shirts back in my first trimester that I have enjoyed the entire time. I received a pajama set for Christmas that I have loved and picked up another set a couple weeks ago to also include in my hospital bag. All have buttons in the front and are a soft, breathable cotton material. I take my sleep seriously so it's nice to have good pajamas to ensure quality rest!

Do you have any pregnancy favorites? I'd love to hear them!