Wednesday, August 07, 2013

7 on the 7th: a few of my favorite things

I have been thinking of some ways to share more on the blog. I always love when bloggers do posts about their "favorite things". I feel like it helps you connect more and also find out about random new things! So my plan is to post 7 of my favorite things on the 7th of each month. It could be anything like products, tips, recipes, songs, books, verses, things, etc. I think you get the picture… My goal is to share things that I enjoy with the hope that you get to know me a little better and maybe find out that we have mutual interests! I would love to hear your favorite things as well so feel free to share them in the comments!

1. The Number Seven
I chose "7 on the 7th" because 7 is my favorite number. It really became my favorite number when Dustin & I set our wedding date to be July 7th (07/07). Once we had that date set, it seemed like everything somehow pointed to seven-- my ring has seven diamonds on each side of the center stone, we got married at 4:30 (4+3+0=7), our minister's grandson is named Seven (no joke! he's adorable!), & then we knew that seven is said to be a "complete" number in scripture. All of those neat coincidences made the wedding planning even more special. To this day I get excited when I find a seven somewhere. This photo is a little hook I found at TJMaxx a few months ago. I just couldn't resist bringing it home! 

2. She Reads Truth
If you aren't familiar with She Reads Truth, I highly recommend you check it out! It is an online community that shares daily devotional plans. If you have a smart phone you can follow along with their plans using the YouVersion Holy Bible app. Just search through their different plans. If you don't have a smart phone, you can find their plans on their website. They have plans for several different books of the Bible as well as various topics. I have really enjoyed and gained so much from the ones that I have done. They also have Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram accounts that I enjoy following as well. The devotionals are so real and true. Each one is coupled with scripture so you are in the Word each day. Love love love it! Of all my favorites in this post, please remember this one & check it out! 

3. Aprons
I really love aprons. I was about 5 when I got my first apron. My Meme made it for me & I would wear it all over the house with nothing on but my Disney Princess panties-- not really a photo appropriate for the internet, & yes there is a photo! It is pink with my name appliquéd on it in plaid fabric. The apron is still at my momma's apartment. I think it would have hurt her feelings if I asked to take it-- plus it's not like it still fits. She's where I get my sentimentality. But I do have these lovely aprons that I adore having up in our kitchen. The green one was given to me by my former boss as a wedding present. I just love the vintage look it has. My momma gave me the one in the middle with cherries on it as a present for my birthday this year. The grey and blue one was given to me by my sister in law. Each one is so special to me! Bonus fact: Dustin made the wall hanger that they are on as a gift for our first anniversary when we were dating. He's just awesome. It started out pink and as a place I put my purses, then when we got married it was painted Florence (Annie Sloan chalk paint) and became a towel rack. Now it holds my aprons and I love it! 

4. Snail Mail
Who doesn't love snail mail!? As much as I love receiving mail, I love sending it even more! My momma taught me at a young age to send thank you notes and letters. We moved several times when I was little so I would write letters to my friends and family. I just love the thought of brightening someone's day through sending a card or letter. Texts and emails are nice, phone calls are even better, but there is nothing like an old fashioned card in the mail. Since we have moved from our hometown it has made my day to get sweet cards from dear friends back home. These vintage seed pack stamps are my favorite. I may or may not stock up each time I am at the post office. I will be so sad if they discontinue them. Pretty postage and stationary are just an added bonus in the whole deal. 

5. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
I must thank my MIL for introducing me to Annie Sloan. If you are not familiar with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and live in Western Kentucky, mosey on over to Flower + Furbish in Paducah, KY to pick up some of the best paint ever! *Side note: While you are there, allow Sara to design your wedding flowers or your home. She is a genius! She did our bridal party flowers! If you don't live in Western KY, I apologize for not knowing where there are other places to purchase this goodness. So about this paint-- the colors are divine, the application is so easy--no sanding/priming necessary, and the results are splendid! Dustin and I recently painted a corner cabinet in Old White and French Linen. I'm in love with it! I plan to share more photos of that project in another post. 

6. School/Office Supplies
It's that time of year--School Supply Season! I would be lying if I said I don't miss that part of each school year, even through college. In the early years, Lisa Frank folders, stickers, and pencils were THE supplies to have, right?! Then there was the classic, monogrammed LL Bean backpack that I still have. My first year of college I joined a sorority (one of the best decisions that I've ever made) and we received bags with our letters on them from our Big Sisters. In addition to the cute bags, there was/is always the dilemma of finding the perfect planner. I love planners. I have tried several (DaySpring, MyAgenda, Lilly Pullitzer, etc) and each one has been nice but I am still on the search for the perfect planner. I am to the point now that I may try to make one myself. I picked up these lovely supplies a few days ago at Target. The cute mini binder is perfect for me to store sermon notes, prayer requests, and other papers I like to hold onto. I may actually use it to make my new agenda for 2014. The gold striped binder I'm using as a journal for my quiet time. The Paper Mate Flair pens are my absolute favorites. They're like writing with a thin marker. I love them! 

7. Vinaigrettes
I couldn't leave out a recipe in this first post of favorites. I have been on a vinaigrette kick lately. I love vinegar--on fish, on greens, used for pickling, in dressings, and I even clean with it! I love the sour punch it gives. While a vinaigrette is far from complicated, I had never made one until recently. Basically it is oil, vinegar, and seasonings. So simple and so flavorful. Just mix everything together in a jar and use it for anything-- dressing for salads, to flavor roasted vegetables, as a marinade, or whatever suits your fancy. This particular dressing was a Moroccan Vinaigrette. You can follow the link for the full recipe. It is delicious! I have made it twice and enjoyed it on salad, sautéed with spinach, over roasted vegetables, spooned over rice, and added to Beef Curry. Once I finish this batch I plan to try other recipes. Like with other recipes I post, I love that it is using all whole ingredients. No long list of ingredients that sound like they belong in a science textbook. 

So there's my first of what I hope to be many, 7 on the 7th. I hope you enjoy the randomness as much as I enjoyed sharing it! Please share some of your favorites! I love hearing from readers! 

Have a blessed day! 


  1. love those notebooks from target! too cute!!
    this is an awesome idea for posts!

    1. aren't they lovely!? I just might have to get some more of them!!
      thanks dear!! :)