Friday, June 13, 2014

a new look.

Thanks to Kerrie Williams from Life On a Mission, my blog has a new look and I just love it! Kerrie is wonderful to work with and really captured my vision. Her patience with my many questions, vast knowledge about blogging/design, and beautiful creativity are so appreciated! If you are looking to personalize your online space, Kerrie is your girl! Definitely check out her many great design projects! I stumbled upon her when another blog I follow featured a blog Kerrie designed. (Think I could say blog another time?!) I loved the idea of a custom design, I loved her talent, and after learning more about her, I loved her heart for Christ and missions.

A little over a year ago, I became a "blogger." I didn't know much about the blog world (honestly, I still have so much to learn) but I knew I wanted to create a little online haven. A hospitable place to share recipes, book recommendations, random moments in our life, and my heart. I also wanted it to be a place to encourage others to do the same. When I think about cozy, comforting, safe places of refuge, the first thought that comes to mind is home. So that was my inspiration for the new design.

You will notice the "rooms" in the header. In the "kitchen" you will find posts including recipes and nutrition tips. Oh how I wish we could all whip up some healthy deliciousness together in my real kitchen! On the "porch" you will find posts that share more of my heart. These posts I would love to discuss over tea in the rocking chairs on our back porch. In the "library" you will find my book reviews and recommendations. While in reality, a library may never make the cut in a home we own, I love that I can have one on here!

I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!

Kerrie, thank you again for your beautiful design. I am so grateful and feel so inspired in my new space!

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