Sunday, December 07, 2014

7 on the 7th: a few of my favorite things

7 on the 7th is a monthly post in which I share seven of my favorites with you. I always love when others share their favorites & I hope you do too! I chose the number seven and the 7th of each month because of the love I developed for that number once we set our wedding date, 07.07.12. I love that we continue to stumble across special meanings to or connections with the number seven. Some months I try to have a theme while other months I share a random compilation of sorts. This month I'm going smorgasbord style...

1. revlon colorstay gel envy nail enamel
I am a huge fan of getting a manicure and pedicure. Dustin (aka the Budget Police) is not which means mostly DIY manicures for me! Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polish lasted a good week before noticeably chipping. I went with "Hold 'Em" which is a deep purple, and love it! They have several other colors I would like to try. Walgreens happened to have a coupon for $3 off two bottles so I snagged the Diamond Top Coat while I was there. I have been really pleased with the durability of the polish and love the rich color!

2. sparkly green earrings by melanie shankle
These next two favorites could easily be their own post but I wanted to include them as favorites instead. Sparkly Green Earrings, a memoir of motherhood tales, is so encouraging and uplifting. Melanie Shankle is the author of Big Mama blog, which is nice for a daily dose of her humor. I debated holding off on reading Sparkly Green Earrings until after our little girl arrives but I just couldn't wait. I am glad I didn't. I loved this book. Few people can combine sentiment, scripture, and sarcasm in such a beautiful, hilarious way.

3. the antelope in the living room by melanie shankle
This book is to marriage, what Sparkly Green Earrings is to motherhood. Hilarious, genuine, and honest. I laughed until I literally cried, which really doesn't take much for a pregnant woman, but Big Mama is seriously funny. She has the ability to share her experiences of motherhood and marriage in a way that leaves you feeling inspired without being intimidated. Both books are such easy reads. I can't wait for her next book about friendship to be released next year!

4. bacon wrapped dates
When I read Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist last year, I shared a couple of the recipes I loved from the book here on the blog. One that has been on my list to try is her Bacon Wrapped Dates. This year for Thanksgiving we finally did it! They are delicious! The perfect blend of salty and sweet. The recipe couldn't be easier, which makes it even better.
8oz package of dates
4oz goat cheese
12-14 strips of bacon
Slice the dates in half from top to bottom. Also cut the strips of bacon in half. Spoon some of the goat cheese into the dates. Wrap in bacon. Bake for 25 minutes at 400. Enjoy warm or room temperature. 

5. advent readings
I so love this special time of year. Last year I followed along with Ann Voskamp's Advent book, The Greatest Gift. This year I was excited when she released a new family Advent devotional and ordered while it was on sale. Even though I can't wait for our baby girl to be in our arms as we study and read about Jesus' birth, I am really enjoying this tradition we are starting now. I love love love Advent! 

6. trader joe's cookie butter cups
What's not to love about cookie butter and dark chocolate!? These delectable treats pair so well with a cup of coffee. I enjoy indulging in a sweet morsel every now and then. If you do too, make your way to the nearest Trader Joe's. 

7. gift bags
I love pretty wrapping paper & beautiful homemade bows, however, my gift wrapping is not my gift. Which makes a cute gift bag my BFF. Plus, I love the functionality of a gift bag. You can easily carry your gift home. Another perk: they're reusable, so basically a gift that keeps on giving. Of course, you have to watch for when the corners are crumpled and the handles are falling off. At that point, it's time to part ways. I picked up a few darling polka dotted bags at TJMaxx & love finding pretty tissue papers to spruce up more simple bags.

What are you loving right now? Do we share any favorites? 

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