Wednesday, October 07, 2015

7 on the 7th: fall favorites

Happy Fall Y'all! I love this time of year. The colors, the smells, the weather, the flavors, all of it. Here are a few of my fall favorites to create an autumn ambience:

1. plush pumpkins
A few weeks ago I snagged these cuties at TJMaxx. I love the jewel tones and texture. Plus they were a cheaper version of some I've seen online.

2. table linens
My mom always dresses up her home with the changes of the seasons. I love how she celebrates each one with special touches here and there. One easy way she does this is with different tea towels or dish towels. I grabbed a few fall colored towels and linen napkins at TJMaxx. I keep the napkins on the table in a cute basket my sweet friend Kirby gave me a couple years ago.

3. cinderella pumpkins
I love the classic orange pumpkin, but I think these beauties have claimed the top spot on my pumpkin variety list. Their muted color and unique shape is my favorite. Plus, what's not to love about a pumpkin named after a beloved fairytale!? I love them paired with the gorgeous, green jarrahdale, a multicolored "one too many" pumpkin, and a simple, white pumpkin.

4. mini pumpkins & gourds
You can usually find these for a dollar or less just about anywhere. Who doesn't love mini anything? Tuck them in baskets, hurricane glasses, or on bookshelves for some cheap fall cheer. Dustin's mom always has a delicious display of produce. Put that pretty, edible squash on the counter. Great double duty of decor & dinner!

5. happy everything plate
This has been one of my favorite wedding presents. Switching out the attachments is such a simple & cute way to celebrate the changing seasons & holidays. The red leaf definitely adds happy to my kitchen!

6. chalk art
My friend Whitney Prescott is the chalk art queen. She has a gift of creativity! I love how she updates her chalkboard with different beautiful designs. My art skills are lacking but I do enjoy changing out messages on my pig chalkboard. Dustin gave me this for Christmas one year & it has been a favorite of mine since. I love the adding little reminders for the month or season.

7. thieves
I think aromas add to the autumn ambience. Pumpkin bread, hot apple cider, savory simmering soups, smoking tobacco barns, and sweet marshmallows toasting over bonfires are some of my favorite fall scents. Diffusing my Thieves essential oil is also a favorite. Its spicy scent reminds me of fall all year long & with flu season upon us, I love the added protection it provides.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate & decorate for fall?

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