Monday, January 18, 2016

meal planning monday 2016: no. 3

Lest anyone think that our meals are elaborate, perfectly planned and executed suppers, let me just be real. I'm pretty sure none of our meals went as planned last week, except for Monday. Either we ordered out, ran through the drive thru, swapped things around, or did something different. Our little one had a rough few days of not feeling well (& still isn't 100%), which often puts cooking on the back burner. (See what I did there?)

Anyways, it's a new week. There is grace. Thank you Lord. Most of our meat is in the freezer so I will have to be more mindful about what needs to be taken out to thaw and when this week. We shall see! Yesterday as we were in the kitchen we realized this Wednesday is our proposal anniversary. Every year we recreate the meal we were making (bacon wrapped duck, carrots, and mashed potatoes) on January 20th when Dustin proposed. It almost slipped our minds. Well we just happened to have some duck marinating for gumbo, so we decided to celebrate a little early. I just love food traditions, even if they change a little year to year.

Here's what our menu looks like this week:

monday// leftover gumbo + bacon wrapped duck, carrots, mashed potatoes

tuesday// beef + broccoli with rice
recipe: a cross between this and this

wednesday// slow cooker pork tacos with beans + rice
recipe: this one on food network

thursday// ground beef curry with rice
recipe: a blend between this one from pinterest and PW's

friday// pork chops + roasted apples + brussels sprouts
recipe: from this month's Southern Living

saturday// leftovers

sunday// chicken noodle soup
recipe: from this month's SL

What are y'all cooking?

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