Tuesday, January 27, 2015

fabulous foodie swap

Y'all know I love me some food-- so much I chose a career that directly involves it. Everyone has their passions & food is definitely mine.

Rachel Cox of Oh Simple Thoughts is a fellow foodie. Her posts are absolutely beautiful & the pictures of her culinary creations are mouthwatering! A few weeks ago she created the Fabulous Foodie Swap & I am glad I participated. Be sure to check out her blog for details about February's Fabulous Foodie Swap if you're interested!

I didn't document the box I sent my partner but I enjoyed finding a few things she likes along with a couple items I love. When we signed up Rachel had a space for us to include our preferences of snacks/flavors/textures so I tried to pick some from the ones she listed. I also wanted to give her some surprise happys-- a notepad & a cute tea towel-- both of which are must-haves for me in the kitchen. I am always writing down a grocery list or to-do list & I love decorating with tea towels.

Who doesn't love snail mail, especially when it's a package of food-related goodies?! My partner, Jill, sent me several neat treats:
  • sweet & savory popcorn
  • kale chia chips
  • vanilla bean lollypops
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • a great tumbler
  • a cute bracelet
The chocolate chip cookies didn't stand a chance with this pregnant girl. The box pictured is empty. Neither did the sea salted caramel popcorn. The bag is not shown because it is gone. I'm trying to let the remaining goodies last a bit longer! Thanks Jill for being my partner & thanks Rachel for the fun swap!

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