Saturday, February 07, 2015

7 on the 7th: DIY favorites

So that whole nesting thing... It's real. Some people may think moving when almost 8 months pregnant is insane. However, I have never been more excited to settle into our home & make it our own. After several months of living in our sweet friends' basement while searching for a home, we have finally found one & are moving in this weekend! Just the thought of setting up the nursery, organizing the kitchen cabinets, & finding a place for our things has me over the moon. I enjoy organizing even when not pregnant, but it's been on a whole other level with our little bun in the oven.

I have been wearing Dustin out with incessant ideas for projects. I'm so thankful he has been so helpful! Thanks to the world wide web, the inspiration opportunities are endless. This month for 7 on the 7th I am sharing a few DIY favorites-- projects we have completed, are in the process of working on, some I would like to do eventually, & where I go for inspiration.

1. corner cabinet
We updated this corner cabinet with Annie Sloan chalk paint two years ago. I love the transformation from dark & drab to light & lovely! The outside is painted in Old White & the inside is French Linen.  I cannot say enough good things about Annie Sloan & her paint. It is the best! Period. I used the corner cabinet in the living room of our previous homes to hold books & knick-knacks but it will have a new function & location in our new house.

2. china cabinet
The corner cabinet was the inspiration for the china cabinet we painted a week ago. I wanted them to match since they will hopefully both be going in the dining room. Instead of French Linen on the inside, I used Olive mixed with a bit of the Old White to lighten it.  Dustin's great-grandmother's china is a cream color with pink roses so I know they will look great against the green.

3. chest of drawers
This chest of drawers has been used by many in Dustin's family-- his mom, him as a child, and his brothers. I'm so excited to use it for more storage in Baby C's nursery. Nothing like a couple coats of pretty pink paint & some lovely knobs to completely update a simple dresser! Dustin's mom painted the lamp shades to match & I just love them.

4. plate gallery wall
This is one of those projects on my to-do list. I really like the look of gallery walls. We had a wall in a rental home that was filled with random things-- canvases, a clock, prints, & more. In our other house we opted for a monogram wall. I plan to bring back the monograms-- I think ascending up the staircase. I love the idea of a plate gallery wall like this for a kitchen. I have saved one of our salad plates that sadly cracked to get it started & I am on the lookout for some neat, unique plates.

5. The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith
If you don't follow The Nester's blog or instagram account, you are missing out. Last year she released a book, The Nesting Place, & I just adore it. She includes beautiful images of her work along with meaningful tips for creating your own nest. I love her motto-- It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I tend to lean towards being a perfectionist so having that mantra is so freeing as well as applicable to so many areas of life!

6. HGTV's Fixer Upper
Joanna Gaines, the Magnolia Mom and star of HGTV's show Fixer Upper, is definitely a source of inspiration. I love her clean, classic style. I have yet to see a project of hers that I do not like.  Not to mention, her relationship with her husband & family is the sweetest thing to watch on tv! Her blog & Pinterest account are great go-to's for inspiration & project ideas.

7. a few more blogs for inspiration
IHeart Organizing is probably one of the first blogs I ever started following. I love Jen's ideas for organizing & DIY projects! She looks for opportunities to beautify & simplify every space in her home. It definitely shows in the projects she posts. Young House Love & Bower Power are two other blogs that I love going to for DIY inspiration. Even though YHL no longer posts regularly, they have TONS of archives you can browse. Both blogs make huge DIY projects look doable.

Are you a DIY-er? I'd love to hear about your projects & what/who inspires you!

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