Tuesday, August 18, 2015

taking stock, again.

last year i did a "taking stock" post after reading one by ashley who blogs over at the vanilla tulip. i loved the format and idea of slowing down to notice the little things. it's also fun to look back & see what you took stock of in the past. here's mine.

making :: my second cup of coffee.

cooking :: leftover pad thai. who else loves random leftovers for breakfast!?

drinking :: a kona blend k-cup my daddy gave me w/ a splash of chocolate cashew milk {<-- fave}.

reading :: savor, a devotional by shauna niequist. 

wanting :: all the books. so many books, so little time. 

looking :: outside our window in the kitchen.

playing :: pat-a-cake & peek-a-boo with charlotte a million times a day.

wishing :: time would slow down.

enjoying :: the cool mornings as a hint fall is coming in a month! 

liking :: my new farmer's market stamps.

wondering :: what foods will charlotte enjoy the most when we eventually start introducing them. 

loving :: my sweet, hardworking husband who did the dishes last night.

hoping :: the stains come out from charlotte's blowout this morning {real life, people}.

marveling :: at mercy with the new morning {lamentations 3:23}.

needing :: to chill out if my to-do list isn't always completed.

smelling :: lemon, lavender & peppermint {yay for the allergy blend!} diffusing. 

wearing ::  stress away essential oil on the daily.

noticing :: charlotte is such a morning person. she coos and smiles as soon as she wakes up. 

knowing :: i need to be still & know the Lord is God {psalm 46:10}.

thinking :: about fall decorations. 

opening :: my planner to meal plan.

giggling :: everyday thanks to my hilarious husband & darling daughter. 

feeling :: all the feelings. often tired. sometimes overwhelmed. always blessed&thankful.

have you slowed down to take stock of what's going on in your life lately? 


  1. Wow! Hope--- you've inspired me to do the same! So do I just post the same format? Tag other people? Doing this this weekend :)

    1. Yes!! Feel free to copy the format or make your own!! Tagging others would be awesome!! :)